Gifted and Talented Artists in BLC primaries – the Lost Effra project

Yesterday 30 gifted and talented artists from KS2 in our cluster began work on a project in partnership with London Wildlife Trust and led by art teachers Hannah Littlejohn and Esther Adesigbin from Christ Church Primary and Helen Spring from the London Wildlife Trust. The project centres round the local River Effra, that was enclosed underground when the Victorian sewers were constructed, but is now occasionally seen in the area during flooding. One solution to prevent the river overflowing is to create small green spaces where the water can soak into the ground beneath. One such place is going to be at the roundabout of Milkwood and Lowden Roads, and the children’s art work will be part of decorative work within this new green space. To get the project ‘flowing’ the children experimented with paint to create a river collective piece. They then worked with printing and clay to express the wildlife theme. The children will do a further day’s making next month and their final piece will be on permanent display at the roundabout next year.