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Confident Creators programme

Our schools firmly believe that the arts is an essential part of a child’s education, and using the arts as a tool for learning is a valuable skill for teachers to support pupils in their classrooms. Over the last 2 years we have been supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Teacher Development Fund ( to research and develop Using the Arts to develop Growth Mindset and embedding the arts into the curriculum through our joint programme with Windmill cluster and Pegasus Opera – Confident Creators. The programme has allowed 20 teachers a year to work in partnership with expert arts practitioners in Art, Music and Drama and involved over 1000 children using the arts to access Maths, Science, English, PSHE and cross curricula topics.

Key elements to the Confident Creators approach are a focus on supporting the arts process (rather than the outcome), encouraging children to talk about their learning, question, reflect, try again, and working collaboratively.

Whilst the pandemic meant we had to halt our face to face teacher and classroom sessions, we have been able to resume teacher training online and are now producing a suite of resources that use the rich learning from the project to support any teacher in the future to use the arts in their classroom.


BLC St Gabriel’s Science Fair

This week teams from across our cluster came together to present the work they have been preparing since February, for the St Gabriel’s BLC Science Fair. This is a great annual event which involves year 5 children from our primaries working in the science labs at St Gabriel’s and the teachers from the faculty, supported by year 9 science mentors. It was fantastic to be able to do a lot of these sessions face to face this year, whilst making the most of virtual means of support, through fortnightly googlemeet surgeries where children could discuss their work back in school with a secondary science teacher. The standard was higher than ever on the day, and the judging panel had a very hard job. Congratulations to this year’s winners from Stockwell Primary for their Super Slime entry. All the teams though deserve congratulations for doing some truly excellent work. This event was supported with some funding from Ogden Trust as part of our 4 year partnership. Many thanks to all the staff involved, especially to St Gabriel’s Science Faculty for giving the children this opportunity.


Science Take Away activities for families, supported by the Ogden Trust

Children in Reception and year 1 from St John’s Angell Town Primary had an opportunity to share their investigative learning in science with their families at half term, as they took home some simple experiments to do at home.
This is an opportunity we have been able to deliver as part of our brilliant science partnership with The Ogden Trust, supporting teaching and learning in Science.
The children were excited about what they learnt, enjoyed taking their experiment materials home in their special Take Away tote bags and brought some lovely learning back into the classroom.
More schools will take part in these opportunities over Easter and in Summer half term.


BLC Spanish speaking secondary students visit research labs at UCL – cutting edge vaccine work

Just before half term, students from St Gabriel’s College and Evelyn Grace Academy spent a full day in the research laboratories at UCL, working alongside the scientists and research students to learn the work they are doing on producing vaccines to combat major diseases such as cancer.

Many things made this day special: the whole day was conducted and led in Spanish, by Spanish speaking scientists working in London for Spanish speaking students. In addition all the teaching staff were women, to celebrate Women and Girls in Science day.
This opportunity was organised by Dr MJ Martinez-Bravo from UCL and generously supported by the British Society for Immunology.

We aim to give more opportunities to students to learn the opportunities available to them in London, in science.

Thank you to everyone for their support, engagement and enthusiasm for the day.


Confident Creators at St Saviour’s – sculpture in paper and foil

This week we welcomed artist Laura X Carle to work with children from St Saviour’s, delivering an Art workshop which used Art to support children’s creativity and wellbeing as part of our Summer of Wellbeing. The children made fabulous pieces using just pens, paper, tape and foil. We hope you enjoy these examples of their work.


massive well done to our Spelling Bee children today!

Every year St Gabriel’s College puts on a spelling bee for our primary schools and this year we were delighted to have Christ Church SW9, Loughborough, St Savour’s and Jessop take part. All the spellers did brilliantly with St Saviour’s winning Last Man Standing round (well done Camille) and Jeantai from Christ Church getting the highest score in the Quick Fire Round. Looking forward to another competition next year – maybe virtual, maybe in person!


Sharing a Smile amongst school – box swopping day!

As we near the end of term, our well being ambassadors have been looking into the boxes their partner school sent to them, encouraging them to smile and be happy! Yesterday I returned the boxes to their original schools so the return messages could be read. Looking forward to seeing all the well being ambassadors online in our final meeting of the term next week.


a busy day distributing prizes and swopping Share a Smile boxes!

Despite all the restrictions in place due to Covid 19, our schools have been hives of activity and learning. Last week I was delighted to cycle around Lambeth acting as a courier service! Well being ambassadors have been making their special Share a Smile scrolls and boxes of ideas and encouragement to share with their partner schools which I collected and distributed. Next on to St Gabriel’s to gather prizes for all the classes who took part in our Science Challenge this year, from Nursery through to Year 6. Finally I distributed medals, prizes and a Summer of Wellbeing Poetry Festival trophy following our Primary poetry celebration last week. Well done to all the children who have worked on these project – your awards have been very much deserved.


congratulations to all the poetry finalists!

Yesterday we held our poetry challenge final on Googlemeet – what an amazing line up of poets we had on the call! Our host was the wonderful professional poet and coach Adisa who kept everyone inspired and entertained throughout. He was joined by local young professional poet Benna, the new Lambeth Poet Laureate, who performed on the call his moving poem Breathe. But with no disrespect to Adisa and Benna, the stars of the the show were 14 primary school poets from the BLC who had written and performed to the highest level, showing the wealth of talent we have in our schools. Their theme was Hope and each poet took the title and made it their own. It was almost an impossible task to decide the winners of the competition, but in 3rd place congratulations go to Fahreed and Isiah from Archbishop Sumner Primary for a fantastic dualogue poem that was impeccably performed; in 2nd to Kitty from St Saviour’s for a brilliantly written and performed solo piece and the winning spot went to Peace from St John’s Angell Town for an utterly compelling and moving poem about hope coming from life in a war zone. Commendations also went to Banke from Christ Church SW9 and to Kadija from Loughborough. Children have shared some of their top tips to encourage their peers to write: ‘Don’t do what others think you should do, be UNIQUE’ was Kitty’s advice; ‘Believe in yourself and never give up. Always be positive. Try to expand your vocabulary’ came from Kadija. We look forward to producing an e-book of the poems and tweeting them over the next couple of months as part of our Summer of Wellbeing.