About Us

The Brixton Learning Collaborative (BLC)  is a group of 15 schools and Children’s Centres in and around Brixton, south London, working together to improve outcomes for pupils, families and the local community through partnership working. Check out our latest news section to discover more about how we do this.


As a group of schools, we provide a wealth of opportunities for staff and pupils to learn together and from each other. Our inclusive programme covers core subjects, the Arts, Sports, Citizenship and Humanities, digitally and face to face.  We seek to establish and sustain partnerships for children and young people. We plan, deliver and evaluate programmes that are designed to make a positive and lasting difference, generously supported by charities, trusts and foundations. 

Science Fair Activities


The BLC is actively engaged in innovative research programmes. Examples include Confident Creators – developing Growth Mindset through the Arts (funded by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Teacher Development Fund) and In my Own Words – developing inclusive creative writing environments, supported by the Laurel Trust. We are an Ogden Trust Schools Partnership, committed to enhancing teaching and learning in Science and Physics. Our work is externally evaluated and we promote our learning through participation in local and national conferences and events. BLC schools are committed to develop the very best pedagogic practice to support children’s learning and life-long development.


The BLC offers holistic support to children, promoting opportunities for the whole family and the local community. BLC is actively involved in the Local Cultural and Education Partnership, the Peer Support network of Walcot Foundation funded organisations, and the Lambeth Schools’ Partnership.   We are working with local charity Guys and St Thomas’ Charity, to find the best ways of improving health outcomes for children through their initiatives in tackling local air pollution, childhood obesity and adolescent mental health problems. BLC collaborates with neighbouring school cluster groups to extend learning throughout the borough, as well as with networks across London and beyond. 

Working with Brixton Learning Collaborative has strengthened our connections to schools across the borough and helped build meaningful relationships with pupils and teachers. Collaborating with schools in the clusters is consistently productive and enjoyable, and it’s a joy to see creativity flourish both in the classroom and when the children come onsite to access arts opportunities at Southbank Centre.  

Marie Ortinau,
Creative Learning Manager (Schools), Southbank Centre