Black Georgians – we now turn to Mary Prince

This morning Christ Church SW9 year 5 have been retelling the life of black Georgian Mary Prince in poetry. Mary Prince was sold not once but 4 times to a series of slave owners, auctioned off as a child, split up from her brothers and sisters and for a while working 17 hours at day in a salt pond in the Caribbean. She married a free man in Antigua but was taken by her owner to England where she had to choose between her marriage or living as a free woman. She became an author of the first slave account published in England and petitioned parliament on abolition. Truly and inspiring figure to write about and the children rose the challenge with powerful words. We are now starting to look forward to the presentation of all the children’s poems and drawing at the Black Cultural Archives on 4th and 5th December. Thanks as always to Adisa the Verbaliser for bringing Mary Prince to life for us in class today.