Stars and Stripes at SHINE -our Saturday school project

Over the last few weeks at SHINE@ the BLC we have been embarking on our new topic Stars and Stripes and everything that is American. The idea for this topic was borne out of a discussion with the students about what America was famous for……Pizza? Hamburgers?…..The Matrix?….Disneyworld…but not Disney films?????! Something needed to be done! We decided to explore the relationship between the UK and the USA through looking at The American revolution with all of our learning presented in the form of a Micro- musical. A combination of acting, dancing and singing packaged as a 30 minute performance involving our very talented children. This is just one of a series of Micro-musicals written by renowned composer Christopher Norton (http://christophernorton.epartnershub.com). We have already begun learning lines, practising songs and making props. We have made totem poles with our parents and we will be visiting The British museum to learn more about Native American history. We have been making yummy American food (burgers!) and have learnt lots of facts about the USA some of these have been linked to our mathematics work. We are hoping to have ago at building a Tee-pee while exploring structures and are going to have some fun bowling, a first for many of us. Look out for further details regarding our performance!