please support our crowd funding campaign!

We are working with photography workshop leaders Fotosynthesis on raising funds to do a 3 year project—192 workshops for KS1 and KS2, using photography to support literacy and maths learning. So far £41,000 has been raised from a charitable trust, but there is still a £15,000 shortfall needed in order to be able to deliver the fully resourced workshops envisaged. We are trying a new method of fund raising, crowdfunding. Crowdfunding relies on networking and social media to invite individuals to place donations. This method of fundraising is a relatively new concept and hopefully will be successful in helping to make this work happen.

If you have time, please take a look http://igg.me/at/shapesaroundus/x/9569285 Any help that you can give to promote the project amongst your community and amongst all those interested in the arts and education would be very much appreciated.