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drumming workshop at Archbishop Sumner Primary

This week 28 children from across our cluster enjoyed a challenging and exciting 2 hour workshop of drumming with Archbishop Sumner’s full time music teacher, Dini Presman. The children composed and performed a range of pieces using different effects and dynamics and enjoyed taking turns in conducting the group. it was great to see the children and the adults who accompanied them play so well and with such enthusiasm.

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Loughborough Primary give their comments on their visit to Houses of Parliament on 27th September

From Suhayr, Samuel, Jayson, Tayla, Alan, Hayaat and RihannaI learnt that MPs can’t go into the House of Lords.
I was surprised we couldn’t sit on the chairs in the House of Lords or the House of Commons.
The part of the building I found most interesting was the general area with statues of famous people like Margaret Thatcher.
I learn some very interesting things: the Monarch can’t go into the House of Commons and also it is Soooo BIG!
I liked the Robing Room because there was a throne.
I found the pictures in the gallery interesting because they were detailed and the patterns on the walls were amazing.

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St John Divine report back on their trip to Houses of Parliament on 20th September

On the 20th September I had the chance to go into the Houses of Parliament. Before my group and I entered, I learnt that old name for the Houses of Parliament is the Palace of Westminster. I really enjoyed the tour by Mathew, I was especially delighted to discover the room which was decorated in exactly the same way it was before Parliament was bombed during WW1. The Houses of Lords was very inspiring as only experts were allowed to be a part of it. In the House of Commons we went into the ‘No’ and ‘Aye’ lobby and the names made me chuckle. It was an exciting trip and I learnt lots.

Haileigh – age 10

The other day I had the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament. We went through the gate where the Queen would arrive but first we went through the airport-style security. Once we had gone through the gate with our tour guide Mathew, we went into the House of Lords. I admired the golden seat where the Queen would sit. We then went into the House of Commons which was a bit more dull, although still really impressive. Then we saw the pigeon holes for the MPs. Two were empty: Joe Cox’s (which was very sad) and David Cameron’s. I liked the fact that it was colour coded and one MP had his own colour because he was a one-man-party. Overall I thought the day was amazing!

Rebecca – aged 11

On Tuesday 20th September we went to the Houses of Parliament. It was really exciting. When we arrived and walked from the bus stop we saw other schools waiting there as well. We were separated into two groups for the tour and our tour guide was called Mathew. We were shown around the House of Lords first and we saw the Queens seat. Unfortunately we were not allowed to sit in it. Then we were shown a very interesting room. It was interesting because it was the only room that was built and decorated according to the original design. It had statues and pictures of old kings and queens. After we had seen the House of Commons as well we had a workshop. We made up our own laws and debated about how useful they were. It was a very interesting day!

Andy – aged 10

On Tuesday 20th September Andy, Rebecca, Haileigh and myself went to the Houses of Parliament. I was delighted when I received the letter for the outing!

Outside the entrance we greeted by our tour guide, Mathew. Our group were shown through the Norman Porch which had a lot of paintings of old kings and queens. We were then shown to the House of Lords which had lots of gold in it, especially the Queen’s seat. Next we were shown the House of Commons and we saw Mr Speaker’s seat. The whole room was very green and we even saw the front desks where all the most important politicians stand. It was really fun and memorable day.

Emy – aged 10

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Report from Houses of Parliament by Amyah and Lucas, year 5 St John’s Angell Town

We had a fabulous time visiting the House of Commons and then the House of Lords. It was our first ever visit to Westminster. We found out some really interesting facts, here are a few of them:
The Queen is not allowed to enter the House of Commons (the Green Room).

The Queen’s throne in the House of Lords is actually made out of wood ( but painted with gold paint).

On or around the anniversary of the gun powder plot, the cellars down below the parliament building are checked.

We learnt how and where MPs vote.

It was an excellent day and we enjoyed working with other schools.