Science Magic Show for year 3s across our schools

In November, we made the most of digital opportunities to invite Science Magician Dr Matt Pritchard to make a Science Show for us, and host a live streamed Question and Answer session for 9 year 3 classes across the cluster. This project was part of our Ogden Trust Schools Partnership programme supporting Physics teaching and learning across our schools.  The 40 minute show Dr Pritchard produced was packed full of curiosity – optical illusions, exploring the sometimes extraordinary way forces work on objects and asking the questions – what is happening?  and the next steps – What if?  The children had many questions for Dr Pritchard when he joined them live on the their whiteboard screens after the show and were able to see some of the investigations again, with an explanation on what was happening….. whilst one or two he kept for them to keep wondering about!  We are delighted to be able to continue working with Dr Pritchard as he designs and tests more resources that he is developing for Ogden Trust over the coming months.