Teacher training day to start our new project In My Own Words

Last week we had our first teacher training day for our new project In My Own Words, funded by Laurel Trust. This is an exciting action-research project we are taking part in, in partnership with the Windmill cluster. 12 teachers are working together with Cath Greenwood from the Unicorn Theatre and storyteller and writer Steven Camden. This project is looking at how teachers can create an inclusive environment for creative writing encouraging those usually reluctant to write, or perceived as having less experiences to draw upon to use in their writing. The training session was an immersive experience. As a group we made a story setting, drawing it out on a long piece of paper on the floor, We then took parts of the story setting and worked in partners to think about the characters who might live in the various spaces in our environment, using drama and art to illustrate our thoughts and sharing them together. As the time went on, plots naturally developed and by lunchtime we had created a number of stories that linked together. Teachers commented they were eager to go back into the class and try some of the activities with their children. Our artist team will then visit the teachers in school and work together with their classes before the Christmas break. Thanks to everyone who took part in this really inspiring day. It was great to work with such a creative and enthusiastic group of talented teachers, who worked so well together. This is going to be a really interesting and dynamic project.