Confident Creators teacher review meeting

On Monday the teachers participating in our Paul Hamlyn Foundation project Confident Creators, met and discussed their progress in embedding the arts and supporting growth mindset in their pupils. It has been a wonderfully creative term with teachers leading a range of lessons with their classes in Music, Drama and Art, supported by our team of artists from Pegasus Opera and visual artist Liz Atkin. Teachers have commented how they have grown in confidence in delivering the arts in their classrooms, being a facilitator for the creative process. They have been doing case studies during the term and have seen children become enthusiastic writers, where before they were very reluctant, some very shy children speaking and participating in activities in front of the whole class and children improving in their skills of collaborating and reflecting on their learning. We looks forward to moving the project forward next term. Thanks to everyone involved in delivery of this project and to the children for their inspirational work.