Our Confident Creators project begins!

After much planning and discussion we have now started our Confident Creators project journey. On Monday our artistic team spent their day working together to prepare delivery of the programme this term. Drama practitioner Simon Bachelor, artist Liz Atkin and musician Deborah Aloba bring a wealth of creative experience that they will share with our teachers over the next 2 years. The Confident Creators project is about developing growth mindset through the arts, embedding the arts within the curriculum. During our planning session we explored our own personal and professional journeys towards developing a growth mindset. At the end of the day it was great to get all the teachers together who will be working on the project this year – 20 teachers and 10 senior leaders. During this twilight session the teachers shared their own growth mindset practice in the classroom and we sampled some short arts activities together, with opportunities to feedback our reactions to them. Many thanks to everyone who took part and to our funder Paul Hamlyn Foundation.