Maths Moderation for year 2 teachers

Yesterday was the final day of this term’s joint cluster moderations and the first one we have done focussing on Maths. We decided year 2 was a the year group to trial this work as we could use the end of KS1 framework to measure against. Teachers looked at books from each other schools assessed as working towards, at age related expectation and working at greater depth. There was useful discussion over some children’s work that was border line working towards/at ARE and ways in which those children could be progressed. Our session lead is also an LA moderator and gave excellent advice on how to show a child is working at greater depth through close examination of what the government framework requires, looking carefully at the exemplification that the government provides and planning these concepts are specifically shown in the child’s books. She also gave advice on using photographs as part of evidence and how these must be very clear on how it shows the child has grasped the concept, with additional notes. Teachers also shared resources they have found helpful to support children including challenge booklets. In summary this was felt to be a really useful session, particularly for year 2. Many thanks to the team at Loughborough Primary for leading this session.