Looking forward to a busy New Year for BLC

Happy New Year to everyone in our school community! It looks to be a busy term ahead. Schools from across the cluster are working together on a number of projects including:
* our Science Fair for year 5s and year 9s, led by St Gabriel’s College
*our first primary girls football tournament
*Photography to support learning in Reception classes
*Young Theatre Makers workshops with Arts Bridge including a half term drama programme
*a Make Theatre day at the National theatre looking at lighting and sound design
* writing moderations across all year groups from Reception through to Year 6
*maths moderation for year 2 teachers
* training with NACE for teachers looking at developing metacognition skills
* SBMS and SLT briefing from Judicium on the new GDPR and further networking support on this across the cluster.
*year 12s from EGA promoting reading in primary schools
*piloting peer marking in our working party schools
* EYFS forum meeting focussing on creating opportunities for writing
In addition our Heads and Senior leaders will be holding their regular termly meetings and carrying out learning walks in each other’s schools.

Looking forward to giving updates on all these activities in the weeks to come.