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BLC teacher working party talks to children about how they learn best

This term, teachers from 4 of our primary schools are making visits to each other’s settings to see learning in the classroom and talk to children about how they learn, what helps them learn, what’s tricky, what’s good and what makes learning memorable. Today it was the turn of Hill Mead Primary year 2 to be interviewed. The children said that story maps and practical activities such as cooking, tile making, drama and a visit to the seaside helped them learn.Talking before writing helped them, and partner work ‘because I go slowly’.The children thought of a time they had used their imaginations to help them learn: ‘The dragon had 64 eggs, then he had another 64 – that’s doubling – we imagined we were in there counting’. We look forward to sharing the working parties experience and findings to our whole cluster and using it to progress the child-centred learning environments we foster.