Young Scientists at St Gabriel’s College

This morning, year 5s from Loughborough and Christ Church SW9 primaries were evaluating their experiments, guided by year 9 mentors from St Gabriel’s College, as part of the 4 week programme they have been following leading to a Science Fair next month.The children had decided themselves what experiments they wanted to do and a wide range of work has been tackled: from ‘How much PVA glue effects the consistency of slime’, to How do different types of pollution effect the Arctic’ .and Which length of wind turbines produce the most electricity?’
It was great to see the year 9s leading the younger students and all pupils able to explain their method and conclusions.
Next week a new group of year 5s will start the process and all the children will come together for their Science Fair on 16th March.
Huge thanks to the Science department staff at St Gabriel’s for organising this brilliant project.