Looking forward to a busy New Year at BLC

As this term draws to a close, we look forward to a busy New Year for our cluster of schools. Hill Mead Primary will be working with Pegasus Opera on a project to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and classes from Stockwell and St John Divine Primaries will be learning Maths through Photography with Fotosynthesis. Reception classes across the cluster will embark on programme of Maths learning movement.
Loughborough, St John Divine, Christ Church SW9 and Archbishop Sumner Primaries will be planning and working up Science investigations with St Gabriel’s College staff and students to present at a Science Fair in March.
We shall be holding writing moderations for year 1 through to year 6, with secondary teachers attending the upper key stage 2 meetings, as well as Science INSET, EYFS forum and SEND forum meetings.
Towards the end of January our School Councils will come together to work with the team of facilitators from the WE day team, and attend their big event in Wembley Arena in March.
As always our Heads and Senior Management groups will be meeting and shaping the future of our work together.
Looking forward to a very production 2017 for Brixton Learning Collaborative.