EYFS Forum – Active Learners in Numeracy

Last night our EYFS forum met to hear and discuss a new project that Reception teachers from St John’s Angell Town and Steiner teacher Kevin Campbell Davidson have successfully bid for funding to develop and roll out to Brixton Learning Collaborative Reception classes who would like to participate. The project was devised after the teachers looked into evidence of links between neuro-motor development and the necesssary capabilities for academic learning as children go through school. There is strong research evidence that shows that physical development is important for all areas of learning. In addition the team felt concerned about the long periods they were asking children to sit on the carpet to learn and the increasingly long periods children spend doing sedentary activities. The team decided to focus on how Maths could be supported through Physical activity as there is evidence that children can develop many mathematical skills early to the benefit of their long-term learning. The programme on offer consists of a 10 minute song based warm-up of physical activities that teachers can lead indoors, and an obstacle course outdoors for children involving number work. The teachers have piloted the programme at St John’s Angell Town. We look forward to seeing how the programme develops in our schools over the coming months. Thanks to SHINE Trust, Goldsmiths’ College, Greenwich Steiner School and St John’s Angell Town Primary for their partnership in the project.