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Maths Leads meet to discuss planning and Using and Applying

On Monday evening, 4 of our primary maths leads from Archbishop Sumner, St Saviour’s, Loughborough and St John Divine schools met to share their thoughts on best planning and resources in maths in their schools and to look at children’s work. There was a wealth of expertise in the room! Here are some of the resources that they found particularly useful:NRich particularly for tasks for more able pupils, perhaps stage 2 level 2 or stage 3 level 1 for more able year 6s.
Target your Maths – which provides resources through to secondary.
Test base

Convince Me cards for challenge
Concept Cartoons which can provide good class discussion in preparation for using and applying.

Loughborough Primary has seen increased attainment through using the Big Maths programme.

Archbishop Sumner KS1 teachers are using Maths Mastery to support secure learning in number.

The group advocated giving pairs of teachers some time to plan maths lessons together, then try them out and support each other with feedback to encourage trying out new things.

The group agreed the importance of children showing their working out in their books, whether on the page of the task they are doing or at the back of books.

We hope some of these ideas are useful. Please get in touch for more information.