Moderation, Teacher Share

BLC steering group meeting – moderation and peer to peer learning

Last Thursday our steering group (Senior leaders from our 13 schools) met to discuss and plan their work together for the coming weeks. Maths and Science leads will be meeting to work together on looking at best examples of Using and Applying in Maths and evidencing progress in Science. There will be writing moderations after Christmas for Year 1 through to Year 6, with schools taking it in turns to host. Our secondaries and primaries are setting up visits to our Nurseries to support reading and IT and we hope to restart our Year 12 to primary reading programme with Evelyn Grace Academy 6th form soon. In the Spring we shall be doing a Science project involving More Able pupils from St Gabriel’s working with primary pupils on investigations, using the secondary school facilities, leading to a cluster Science Fair. As always it is the expertise and enthusiasm of our great group of teachers that makes this work possible.