primary pupil and staff feedback from our Big Read project

There has been some great feedback from the 3 primary schools who took part in The Big Read project last term. Students in year 12 at Evelyn Grace Academy made weekly visits to the primaries to work with selected children in years 4 and 5. Several children said they enjoyed reading more by the end of the project. One child reported:’ I liked to take a turn reading with someone in secondary school and I also liked doing the activities with my reader’. Staff commented: "It was amazing to be reminded about the programme the day before by all 8 little (primary) readers. They were extremely keen and excited about the programme and really enjoyed every minute of it". The programme included discussion of the book and activities linked to the text. Teachers felt the programme had improved writing with the introduction of new vocabulary and creative ideas and that children have developed their confidence in reading as well as in speaking and listening. We hope very much to repeat and extend this project next year, if possible with some funding for more books to use on the project, so children can take books home to practice, discuss with family and peers and above all to enjoy.