BLC primary students prepare a brochure for Pop Brixton

Yesterday 23 children from Jessop, Stockwell, Christ Church SW9 and Loughborough primary schools went down to Pop Brixton to interview traders and the managers of the venture in order to write a brochure for future visitors. The children found out that Pop Brixton had been set up to support the local community, that food outlet traders tried wherever possible to buy ingredients from Brixton market and that Pop Brixton had been constructed from containers in 6 months. Having done their interviews and started their brochure planning, the children then went to Stockwell Primary School to begin work in the ICT suite on making their brochure pages. The completed work will be ready after the holidays. Many thanks to all the staff at Pop Brixton, BLC staff and in particular to Ms Fraga from Stockwell for devising the day.