Making Laws at the Houses of Parliament

This morning children from 4 of our primary schools visited the Houses of Parliament for a tour and workshop. The visit started in the brand new Education Centre where Parliament have learning rooms and a lunch space for schools. We were lucky enough to see the House of Commons in action, with questions on Transport and the ‘Bedroom Tax’ being asked by MPs. We went on to see the Houses of Parliament spaces, including Westminster Hall, hear gruesome tales of the murder of Charles 1st and of Spencer Percival before moving back into the Education Centre for a workshop about Making Laws. The children chose a topic -which they introduced into their own House of Commons – The Refugee Housing Bill. They debated the bill then took it to their own House of Lords for amendments, then back to the Commons. Some children took on the role of the Speakers and they used parliamentary language to vote for the bills. Following amendments, the bill was signed by the queen and became the Refugee Housing Act 2016. There were some excellent contributions from the children as they debated their views. All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we look forward to other groups visiting in April.