Early Years Forum focus on Progression in Music

Last week our Early Years Forum met to discuss and work together looking at how to progress very young children in Music. Kevin Campbell Davidson, a Steiner School teacher and Anna Gawthorpe Reception teacher from St John’s Angell Town, planned and led the session for our Forum, and we were delighted to welcome some staff from a neighbouring cluster school, Archbishop Sumner Primary, to be with us.
One of the main things that came out of the workshop was the usefulness of rhythm sticks as a resource (similar to claves but smaller, developed by a local music practitioner Steve Grocott). They are just the right size for small hands, they dont make too much noise, they are good for developing rhythm skills and they are identical so theres no room for ‘I want that one!’. They also come with a great little book/CD of songs and ideas.

The group also discussed how to introduce and begin a session, creating a listening space, using one or tow song lines as a pulse throughout the session to give a structure on which children can create their own work.
We hope to welcome Kevin back to the forum in the summer to do a session on games. Many thanks as always to all the members of the forum for sharing their practice with each other.