schools visit Black Cultural Archives for Black Georgians project

5 classes of year 5 students from the BLC were among the first visitors to see the Black Georgians exhibition that has just opened at the Black Cultural Archives. Children took a special tour of the exhibition to find out about some of the characters portrayed in it, taking on the role of historical detectives as they pieced together lives through fragments of information we know today. The children then did a workshop learning about the life of champion black Georgian heavy weight boxer Tom Molyneaux, born a slave in America, who through his fighting skills bought his freedom and came to England where he established himself as champion, though he faced racial prejudice. They heard Olaudah Equiano’s description of a slave’s journey in a first person narrative on a slave ship from Africa. The children then acted out scenes from Tom’s life which they set as silhouettes, a popular way of capturing likenesses at the time. After half term the children will start a series of workshops where they will read and hear more accounts of life for Black Georgians and write their own responses, under the expert guidance of wordsmith Adisa.