Maths and photography INSET 17th September

Our joint project with Windmill cluster, delivered by photography workshop leaders from Fotosynthesis, began last night with teacher INSET for the staff leading the 8 classes involved this term. The teachers together with volunteers who will support the children in the classroom, devised maths trails in groups, to find and photograph shapes and objects around the school. In a similar way, children will be asked to do this as part of the project, building their maths knowledge and being able to relate it to real life examples. The children will be given expert guidance from the Fotosythesis team in how looking at an object through the lens, can give it a new perspective (observing objects from above, from an angle etc). Children get underway with the work later this term. One teacher commented: "Very exciting! The children will love it. Lots of measuring opportunities."
"(The project) could be adapted for lots of different areas of the curriculum. Great for language and problem solving.Also good for PSE/social skills."
Many thanks to all the teachers who took part.