year 3 and year 5 writing moderations

Over the last 2 weeks, teachers from across our cluster of schools have been meeting together to jointly moderate writing, particularly looking at case studies of children whose work they judge as at Age Related Expectations. The groups used the new National Curriculum goals against which to check their judgements together. This has proved a thoroughly worthwhile exercise and teachers are now compiling a folder of exemplars of work jointly considered at ARE, together with explanations for their judgements, for other teachers to use in their practice. Having actual samples of children’s writing for use by teachers should prove an invaluable source. Teachers commented "Very useful. I found this session excellent – it reassured me in my own assessment ability"; "Really useful to share examples of work with other year 3 teachers, to discuss composition, see different sequences of work and see how other schools plan and assess". We aim to do a similar exercise looking at year 4 writing in the Autumn. Many thanks to all the schools who took part: Hill Mead Primary, Stockwell Primary, Jessop Primary, St John’s Angell Town Primary, St Saviour’s Primary, Loughborough Primary.