BLC Science Day at Loughborough Primary

Yesterday children from Christ Church Primary SW9, St John’s Angell Town, Jessop and Loughborough primaries joined together to hone their scientific skills in Chemistry in a day of workshops led by Sphere Science. The children started the day with discussion on what a scientist does and what skills he or she needs: determination, confidence, patience, focus, systematic working, dexterity, planning, good communication skills and creativity were amongst the main attributes the children identified. The children and staff then did a number of experiments: making custard slime and PVA slime and comparing their properties; measuring with accuracy to make pop tubs; testing red cabbage dye on various substances, observing and comparing different colour changes and learning which was acid and which was alkaline. To end the children identified which scientific skills they felt they add improved upon, towards becoming our scientists of the future! Many thanks to all the children and staff for their hard work and focus.