BLC Art Day

Last Friday talented artists from Loughborough, Christ Church SW9, St John’s Angell Town and Jessop Primary schools got together to spend a day exploring a range of art techniques and skills. The day took place at Christ Church, led by Hannah Littlejones, Christ Church Primary’s specialist art teacher, making full use of Christ Church’s facilities – a dedicated art room and outdoor learning areas as Lambeth’s lead Forest School. The children started their day in the Forest School learning area, collecting natural materials and exploring sun printing. They used their materials to create clay moulds and tiles, having looked at the work of William de Morgan. They explored the work of Gillian Ayres, producing simple books in which they displayed their colour mixing and experimentation with colour shades, as well as having fun mixing colour using the potters wheel. They also produced fabulous textile wall hangings, based on an African Admire cloth technique, using resist and stencil techniques. The focus of the children, who worked in mixed school groups, was excellent and enabled the children to produce a vast of amount of high standard work. Huge thanks goes the the staff who accompanied, encouraged and worked with the children for the day, also making sure that all the children played together happily in the break times. It is hoped this work can be displayed locally in the future. We are now planning a day of practical Science with a focus on Chemistry in November, for all those budding scientists in our cluster.