What can we do to support people to move out of low-paid jobs? a report on this week’s event discussion at Lambeth Town Hall

On Tuesday 16th September organisations and interested parties throughout Lambeth came together in Lambeth Town Hall to discuss how to support people currently in low paid jobs to move on to better pay and build careers.

Research shows 570,000 Londoners have been stuck in low pay for at least a year and the number in low pay has increased significantly over the last five years. There is some limited evidence about what works in supporting people to move out of low-paid work, but to date there has been little focus on developing progression programmes that help people to earn more, gain more secure employment and develop a career ladder.

Walcot Foundation, Trust for London, The Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion, LVSC and Timewise Foundation organised this event because they believe there is a need to share and generate ideas and strategies about how to support people out of low-paid work.

This was the largest event of its kind so far in UK, and a number of ideas were generated.
At the BLC we hope to hold workshops in our schools have given information to parents about organisations who can support them, if they are in this situation and would like help in work progression.
Please contact the Partnership Manager at BLC if you would like more information.