2014 Evelyn Grace Academy Spelling Bee

On Tuesday 8th July evening, ‘super-spellers’ from 4 BLC Primary schools joined Evelyn Grace Academy years 7 -9 in another fantastic Spelling Bee competition. The hall was decorated with balloons, the stage was set beautifully with flowers and the big screen and cameras were ready to record close up the contestants as they showed off their phenomenal spelling skills. The EGA Parent Association kindly donated two magnificent cups for the winners. The competition consisted of 2 rounds: the quick fire challenge where contestants chose to spell as many words correctly as possible within a set time limit, from either easy,medium or hard wordlists (with hard words gaining the most points per correct answer), followed by the last man standing round, where contestants took it in turns to spell a word, and were ‘out’ if they answered incorrectly. The primary last man standing competition got to a nail biting 23rd round – huge congratulations to all the children competing and especially to the final 2 spellers from St Saviours and Loughborough. The winners over all, from year 8 and from Loughborough Primary, held their cups high at the end. Who would have thought that a Spelling competition could be so entertaining! Great talent shown by all, and we are already looking forward to next year’s competition.