An Ode to Blank Paper! by St Gabriel’s College year 7 Slam team

Ode to blank paper

Year 7 group poem

Oh blank paper!

You desert of whiteness, you warden that keeps words boxed in four corners.

You make me feel full of ideas but empty with words.

You are a blinding light blocking me from seeing my full ability.

Oh bank paper!

You make my pen write me into a knot I can’t untangle.

You are a maze with no way out.

Once you were a tree that didn’t want to be chopped down

So now you paper cut my every thought into nothing.

Staring at you is like banging my head against a wall.

Oh blank paper!

White as the clouds, you stare at me blankly, you leave me wondering.

You tell me to draw, to do something! You inspire a big knot in my gut.

You make me feel dumb because your blankness is a test I never pass.

My mind wanders for answers but your whiteness is a desert I am lost in.

You look at me with a hungry face and swallow my words, I am full of ideas but empty of sentences.

Hundreds of words run around my head but I can’t catch them to put into your mouth. Everyone in class can fill you up but I write and what I mean gets rubbed back off.

Oh blank paper!

You make me feel full of ideas but empty with words.