We’re going on a Maths Hunt! our Maths and Photography project continues in BLC

In this week’s Maths and Photography session Y4 pupils were using digital photography to find shapes and letters in their environment.

In Loughborough Primary School pupils worked in pairs to find letters which spelt out the following 3 words: Think

The letter I for example was found in a pole or a drain pipe or markings in playground.
The pupils were challenged to find multiple ways to see or create the same letter.
There was enthusiasm and excitement for this activity and some groups even managed to find up to 15 examples for the letter N.

Afterwards the pupils continued to work in pairs to work on a mathematical photography treasure hunt which included tasks such as taking a picture of: – 2 objects that measure roughly the same length
– Something with a symmetrical pattern
– something the same length as your arm
– a polygon
– a geometrical shape with at least one obtuse angle

And problem solving such as:
The tallest person ever was 272cm tall. How much taller than you is this? Show to your partner this length and take a picture of something that is shorter.

Learning outside of the classroom with a fun and imaginative approach.