St John’s Angell Town Poetry Slam competition entry – Gossip Demon Gossip

Here’s St John’s Angell Town Primary’s poem from the BLC Poetry Slam, that got them a place in the final 4 in the competition. A great performance St John’s!

Gossip Demon Gossip

Gossip works with truth and lies
Gossip works like a train spinning round and round
Gossip works Monday to Sunday
Did you know Gossip works at Primark
Gossip works at supermarkets
Gossip works at all corner shops
Gossip sneaks around behind your backs.

Gossip demon gossip
Always spreading gossip
Spreading in the wind
Spreading in the playground
Spiky like a porcupine
Laughing like hyenas
Repeating like a parrot
Story eater
Nosey talker
Gossip demon gossip

In PE he said “I’m not good at tumble turns”
It made me angry, it made me sad
But my friend said “I am super sensational”

My Uncle said “Auntie’s no good at looking after the kids”
“But it’s not true. She buys us vegetables and fruit.”

My Auntie says she has lots of money and I have none
But she doesn’t know about the £50 in my Kids Space pencil case!

Gossip is like butter melting on toast
Gossip is patrolling the streets like teenage boys on bikes
Gossip is a door that you can’t open
Gossip stomping around like a ginormous elephant
Gossip is like a mad monkey jumping tree to tree
Gossip zooms as fast as a meteor

What goes around comes around
Trust yourself to ignore it
Stop your gossip
Gossip is terrible
DON’T plant ideas in people’s heads
STOP! And your friends will follow