Maths and photography at the BLC update

Over the last few weeks Y4 pupils from Hill Mead, St John the Divine and Loughborough Primary School have been using art, design and photography to learn, develop and hone their maths skills. Learning about shapes, angles and the importance of accurate measuring among other mathematical principles.
Week One involved learning about creating 3D shapes including cubes and tetrahedrons with week two reviewing this work and creating 3D structures in teams.
Week 3 involved making a pin hole camera using every day materials such as tin foil, cardboard boxes, tape and black card. The importance of accuracy in measuring in order to find and make the pin hole in the centre of the made cube shaped box was practised and all students created and personalised their own pin hole camera.
Week 4 pupils went out into the playground to use their own pin hole camera to to take a photo. Pupils were instructed in relation to using estimation of distance in relation to taking their photo, estimating time in relation to exposure, and the difference between taking a photo in the shade and in the sun. Many pupils marvelled at the lack of need for electricity to take the photo.
A dark room was also made in each school, converting rooms such as meeting rooms or resource rooms into environments where the pupils photos could be developed safely. In small groups, all pupils with aprons and gloves on, entered the dark room and took their photos through the developing process whilst back in the classroom pupils learnt about the different measurements of chemicals needed to develop their picture and revised their learning with quizzes and worksheets.
Next week pupils will review the photos they took and will also work with digital cameras to continue their learning using photography with maths.