special Chinese lunch at SHINE for Chinese New Year

Despite the awful weather 74% of us made it into SHINE this week , with St John Angell Town, Hillmead, and St John the Divine primary schools, achieving 100% attendance. Well done!
For all those who did not attend this week you missed the return of Mr Umekwe, who use to teach at SHINE. He came back to teach us more about division and has promised to return again soon. We also performed our own Elizabethan dance and wrote a diary entry as Macbeth, letters to the King Duncan warning him about Macbeth’s intentions and letters to the 3 witches telling them our heart’s desires!

As it was Chinese New Year, we had a Chinese lunch of Sweet and Sour Chicken and vegetables, noodles, rice and spring rolls. We even had Chinese Lucky Red Candle sweets!
Next week we are off on our trip to The Globe Theatre, remember you all have to be at SHINE at 9am and wil return at 4pm, on that day. Have a great Week!