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Year 8 Photography sessions for Eliot Now

180 students from Evelyn Grace Academy have been up to Bankside this week to take photographs inspired by themes from Eliot’s The Waste Land, working with Brixton professionals from Brixton based Photofusion gallery. Its been a week of sunshine and rain, but no snow I’m pleased to report! Some fantastic shots captured by these talented year 8s, using DSLR cameras for research and taking their carefully chosen catalyst shot on polaroid film. Brixton Learning Collaborative would like to thank Lizzy King, Adrian Wood and the team of volunteers from Photofusion who have worked 4 days solid with groups of students, as well as all the staff from Evelyn Grace Academy for their enthusiasm and creativity in supporting the young people to find a ‘way in’ to this challenging great work, The Waste Land.
Jenny Smith, Partnership Manager