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Funding Success for BLC Poetry Projects

Eliot Now

Funded by Clore Poetry and Literature Awards

An exciting and challenging project where children in years 5 and 8 in the BLC read, reflect and respond to the poetry of TS Eliot. This project brings the students work beyond the classroom through partnership with Photofusion gallery in Brixton and Brixton libraries. Postcards and posters will celebrate the work on the streets of Brixton.

“Poetry and literature reveal new possibilities and worlds beyond our own. It is vital that all children and young people experience the power of  literature, poetry and creative writing – they are at the heart of our experience and
culture.”    Dame Vivien Duffield, Clore Duffield Foundation


BLC Poetry Slam

Funded by The Walcot Foundation.

The powerful medium of performance poetry brings students from the BLC schools together  to compete in the first BLC Poetry Slam at The Ritzy cinema in Brixton. Teams from 10 schools are coached by professional, highly regarded performance wordsmiths Adisa, Kat Francois, Neal Zetter, Indigo and Joshua Seigal in preparation for the competition.

“I believe that Slam poetry is an awesome medium for aiding young people through many transitions they will have to make during their lives.” Adisa the Verbaliser, Poet workshop leader on BLC Poetry Slam.